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pb103 wear parts

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13 · PB103 PB103 phosphor bronze containing 6% tin, available primarily in sheet and strip. The tin content, which is higher than in PB102, gives the alloy improved wear

  • ALLOY NAMEBSUNSBS ENCA­10­2CA­10­2C6­10­00-C6­14­00CA­10­6C6­14­00CW­30­3GCA­10­4 / BS­B2­3 / DT­D1­97­ACA­10­4C6­30­00­; C6­30­20CW­30­7GC6­30­00 / AM­S4­64­0CA­10­4; CA­10­5C6­30­00­; C6­30­20CW­30­7G 13

    Phosphor Bronze PB103 (UNS C51900) - Aircraft Materials

    PB103 also has good wear resistance and good spring properties. PB103 is used in many different applications from Marine hardware and instrument components, Electrical


    Phosphor Bronze e - Columbia Metals

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    PB103 / CW452K Primarily a sheet grade, PB103 offers good strength, wear and corrosion resistance. The alloy is used for mechanical and electrical springs and for decorative


    Phosphor Bronze Wire PB103 - Wintwire

    Phoshphor bronze PB103 or 2.1020 offers a combination of good properties such as high strengh, corrosion and wear resistance. The level of tin varies between each grade of


    Copper PB 103 :-Harsh Steel